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 While 99 percent of the tech world is sleeping off its collective hangover at CES in Las Vegas, a tiny but very important minority can be found in foggy San Francisco, where Steve Jobs has just announced the latest goodies to come from Apple Computer.

Speculation has run rampant over the last few months since Jobs' last affair, with predictions ranging from iPod phones to high-definition TVs with Apple branding. Here's what actually went down, starting with the big news that people will be chatting about for weeks to come.

Apple iPhone

Despite trademark concerns, it really is going to be called the iPhone, and here it is. An all-new interface makes this slim rectangle completely button-free. The whole thing is a touchscreen. 4GB or 8GB of storage inside for your music. Cingular EDGE (no 3G service!) for your phone calls. Wi-Fi. It actually runs Apple's OS X and can do all manner of "smart phone" tasks...which is either going to be very cool or extreme overkill for people who just wanted a phone that could also play music. How long will it be before we start getting emails with a "Sent from my Apple iPhone" tag at the bottom of them? (Yahoo! Mail is included on the device, by the way, along with all manner of internet capabilities.)

Other features include a 2-megapixel camera and a standard iPod jack. It's also crazy slim at under 12mm in thickness. Wanna watch a movie? Just flip it on its side and you have a nice widescreen display. No keyboard: A virtual one pops up when you need it. We'll see how well that works over time.

There are so many other features on this phone that I could easily do a gigantic five-part post on the thing. $499 or $599 depending on storage. Arriving in June.


Formerly known as iTV, Apple's miniature set-top media streaming device is finally coming out. (This was announced last year.) The new product includes component video, an HDMI connector, optical audio, 802.11n networking (which should help with the bandwidth issues I wrote about last time), and a 40GB hard drive. Looks nice! $299.

Get complete Macworld keynote coverage at Gizmodo. Thanks, Brian and co.!

Disclosure: The iPhone is slated to use Yahoo! Mail and oneSearch, which are owned and operated by Yahoo! Inc., which also owns and operates Yahoo! Tech.
Think Secret has weighed in on the iPhone rumor saga once again, with a suggestion that Apple's cell phone will be released during the San Fransisco Macworld Expo in January next year. The tipster has apparently gained Think Secret's trust in the past by correctly predicting that the iPhone wouldn't launch earlier this year in March. The reasoning behind why the iPhone didn't launch last March (manufacturing issues), and why it will launch in January (they've fixed the manufacturing issues) is predictably dry, totally unverifiable, and therefore irrelevant, giving TS even more reason to spice it up a little. This time around they're telling us that the iPhone will have some k800-esque specifications (3 megapixel camera, 2.2-inch display) along with a totally obvious feature (iTunes support without the 100 song limit), but they also mention that there may be as many as three different models in the range, thereby cleverly maintaining the possibility that it might not have any of these specs after all. In fact, none of this could be true: there could be more manufactured manufacturing delays that cause the iPhone not to launch in January, or Apple could have a revelation and decide not to include one of the vague features. Like every other Apple rumor, we won't know until the day arrives: January 8th, save the date.
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September 15, 2006 - Apple is working at a feverish pace to finish up its initial foray into the cellular phone market, but reliable sources report the new device will not be announced until Macworld Expo San Francisco in January 2007.

Those same sources disclosed to Think Secret in March 2006 that Apple would not be releasing a phone this year, despite numerous published reports suggesting otherwise.

At the time, Apple was said to be encountering "significant technological hurdles" in its attempts to essentially re-invent the cell phone with an innovative ground-up design. Since then, Apple has scaled back its ambitions and has opted to go with several off-the-shelf parts for what will be the first of at least two or three different phones that sources say Apple hopes to deliver in 2007.

Nonetheless, Apple is counting its first phone will stir the U.S. market and enjoy the same buzz that Motorola's RAZR and LG's Chocolate phone have. To that end, Apple will pack several high-end features into its phone, including a 3-megapixel camera, 2.2-inch display, and complete iTunes/iPod features and integration, sources with direct connections to the company's plans report.

Unlike Motorola's iTunes phones, Apple's phone will not feature a 100 song limit. Instead, the number of music and photos that can be packed into the phone will only be limited by its storage capacity, although at present sources have been unable to confirm what that will be.

At present, sources are confident that the first Apple phone is scheduled for announcement at Macworld Expo in January. However, product release dates are often subject to change in response to changing business conditions or revised company plans. iPhone will not see commercial launch until late 1st Quarter or early 2nd Quarter of 2007.

While they point to this as a "delay" in the iPhone release, readers should remember that most rumors to date have simply pointed to production of the iPhone in the "first half of 2007".

A report that Hon Hai had won the iPhone contract sparked much of the iPhone anticipation - but that report only pointed to a release in the first half of 2007. The only rumor specifically pointing to a January release has been the podcast comments by Kevin Rose.

Meanwhile, other analysts have primarily described a ramp up of production of the iPhone.

Macworld Expo 2007 kicks off on January 8th with a Keynote speech from Steve Jobs. As always, MacRumors.com will provide live coverage of the event.
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For better or worse, Apple designed the iPhone to be a completely closed system. That is, you can¡¯t add new applications to it, and even some seemingly ¡°normal¡± cell phone features - like the ability to add custom ring tones - are locked up. Or are they?

Thanks to an extremely well-organized group of very talented hackers, you can crack into your iPhone and make all sorts of changes and modifications. The iPhone hacking effort has been a Herculean task, but the progress that¡¯s been made in a reasonably short amount of time is very impressive.

In the month since the iPhone shipped, hackers have released code that allows you to perform all sorts of modifications, from installing custom ringtones, to adding new applications such as a screen capture program, and a Nintendo emulator.

Hacking the iPhone is not a complicated process, but it does take time, usually 30 to 45 minutes, and some special software and bits of code, which we¡¯ve gathered up for you. Best of all, once your phone is hacked, you can very easily install additional third party apps as they¡¯re released. In this article, we¡¯ll walk through all of the steps required to hack your iPhone and install third party applications and options.

(If you want to know the story behind this story, read Christopher Breen¡¯s blog entry at Macworld.com.)

Detailed (and we¡¯re not kidding) instructions after the jump. If you¡¯re faint of heart, begone!

Why should you hack your phone?

Because it's there.

For the most part, there's not a huge reason to hack your iPhone yet. Adding custom ringtones is probably the best reason to do a little iPhone hacking. Capturing screenshots of your iPhone is another good excuse to hack it (you'll see screenshot examples later).

But currently, there's not a "killer app" for iPhone hacking. The Nintendo emulator is cool-looking, but is somewhat unplayable due to the iPhone's lack of real buttons. At this point, the only real reasons to hack your iPhone are:

It's fun. You get to learn some stuff about the inside of your phone, and possibly learn some cool Unix stuff along the way.
It will make your iPhone look different and unique. Once you have a couple of additional apps on there, other iPhone users will take pause when they see your phone.
You'll be prepared for future third-party releases. Once your iPhone is hacked, it's very simple to add additional applications as they become available. Development is proceeding very quickly - the Nintendo emulator was available just a week after the iPhone hacker development tools were posted.

Hacking your iPhone requires an Intel Mac, a set of files and the iPhone Hacking Kit, which you can download here, and some time. Unzip the iPhone Hacking Kit folder and place it on your Desktop. It must be on the Desktop for these instructions to work as they are printed here. Finally, your Mac and iPhone need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Before we begin, though, we must issue the obligatory warnings: it is theoretically possible to screw up your phone. However, at any time, you can use iTunes to restore your phone to its original state, so you don't have to worry about completely breaking your phone. The worst that will happen is that you'll lose some time. That said, if taking things apart makes you nervous and uncomfortable, then what we're going to do here probably isn't for you.

We'll be performing most of our hacks through the Terminal application on your Mac. Just type carefully and proceed slowly and you'll be fine. And don't worry, a single typo will not trash your whole phone.

What we're going to do

Before we get started, let's take a high-level look at exactly what we mean when we say we're going to "hack the iPhone." Our goal is to open up a communications channel that will let us add new, executable applications to the iPhone. The iPhone is a communications device, so one would think that it would be easy to communicate with it, but because Apple designed it to be unmodifiable, finding a way to talk directly to the phone is not simple.

Yes, the phone has a Wi-Fi connection, a cellular radio, and Bluetooth, but it doesn't actually include any software that can use these features for file transfer, and there's no way to hack into any of those particular connections.

However, it does include a serial port and a cable, and it knows how to talk to iTunes through this connection. This, then, will be the initial method for talking to the iPhone. Thanks to some clever software, we'll begin by breaking the phone out of the "jail" that Apple has put it in.

Jailbreaking works by intercepting the communication that is supposed to happen between the iPhone and iTunes. Once intercepted, a channel is open to the computer's OS, and we can use that channel to install software. However, this channel requires a direct connection to your Mac (through the iPhone's USB cable) and while your phone is "jailbroken" you can't sync. As such, it's not a viable long-term solution for hacking the phone.

So, our first task after the phone has been broken open will be to install an SSH tool. SSH stands for "secure shell" and is a standard Unix tool for issuing commands to any computer that's running Unix. And, since your iPhone is built on an OS X variant, it's a Unix computer.

Next we'll install some additional utilities, including some file transfer utilities, and then finally we'll put the phone back in jail. That is, we'll return it to its normal state that allows it to sync with iTunes through its serial cable. However, with the SSH and file transfer utilities installed on the phone, you'll now be able to talk to the phone from any Mac terminal window via the phone's Wifi connection - just as you can talk to any other Mac or Unix machine this way. We'll use this channel to install a Terminal application and screen shot utility.

Let's get started.

Get out of jail free

In the iPhone Hacking Kit that you downloaded, you should find an installer for iFuntastic. Double-click this installer to install iFuntastic in your Applications folder. This is the program we will use to jailbreak your phone.

Once it's installed, do the following:

1. Reboot your Mac, just to be safe. You don't want iFuntastic crashing during this process.

2. Make sure your iPhone is on, then plug it into your Mac using the usual cable.

3. After iTunes launches, quit it.

4. Double-click iFuntastic to launch it.

5. On the left side of the iFuntastic window there is a button called Prepare. Press it now.

6. Click the Jailbreak button at the bottom of the window.

7. On the next page are six steps. Follow them very closely.

8. If all goes well, you will see this page:

I decided to try the 1.1.1 iPhone update on my unlocked and hacked phone. The process went along just fine until the iPhone restarted. Then I got a message on the screen that I had an incorrect SIM. I took the SIM out of the iPhone and put it in my old Treo, and it worked¡ªI called my phone and it rang as expected.

Guess I¡¯ll be headed to an AT&T store soon to try and get a new SIM card¡­


Walked (well, more like ran) over to the nearest AT&T store. I told them my iPhone stopped working and that iTunes told me I needed a new SIM card (both true). The guy said no problem, and handed me a new SIM. He told me to install it, connect to iTunes, and activate the SIM with my existing account. Just got back, popped in the SIM, and no luck¡ªgetting the same errors.

[Update x2]

I went to an Apple Store this morning and had to wait a long time for a genius, so I made an appointment for the afternoon. Went in, showed them my phone, and the guy said ¡°it appears that someone tampered with the software on this phone¡± and said there¡¯s nothing he could do. I asked him to restore it, and he said he tried, but nothing changed. He then pointed to the notice in the store that says not to hack the phone, and told me the only thing I could do was buy a new one.

I asked if the store¡¯s policy was that they can¡¯t fix it and won¡¯t replace it, and he said ¡°yes.¡± While I was there, I fixed another woman¡¯s nano who was waiting¡­ oh, the irony. So I bought a new phone.

Bottom line, Apple appears to be adamant that you¡¯re screwed if you¡¯ve messed with your phone in any way.

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Posted by Jonathan Seff on Sep 28 2007, 8:16 PM ET

Are we too optimistic? Do we want an iPhone so bad we would like to see it coming out of a magician¡¯s hat? We think we have the iPhone specifications, the iPhone price, the iPhone release date! We even know the manufacturer, the components and quantities ordered! Sales forecast are also known and we have the specifications for a 2G iPhone!

But wait, Apple never said they are going to do an iPhone¡­Maybe they wanted to but changed their mind? Maybe they never really thought it would be a great idea but they like the buzz an iPhone is creating around them? Rumors of an iPhone as been there since 2002 and they didn¡¯t even released a single comment on it. The iPhone is probably the biggest internal running gag that ever existed at Apple!

But a journalist from the Sydney morning Herald wants us to cool down a little. Asher Moses wrote:

¡°A message for gadget fans expecting the launch of Apple's hybrid iPhone at January's MacWorld Expo : brace yourself for disappointment.

The device is being billed as an iPod-phone combination, and rumours of its features have flooded the web in recent months. Wall Street analysts say the speculation of a delayed launch is even affecting Apple's share price.

"Based on our checks, we believe the timing of Apple's iPhone commercial launch is around late first quarter 2007 to early second quarter 2007," CIBC World Markets analyst Ittai Kidron wrote last week.¡±

We this kind of statement you can be sure the Touchscreen iPod will surface again and stronger than ever! If the iPhone is not going to be there in January, we need a replacement! MacWorld 2007: The release of the 6G iPod?

Who knows! Steve Jobs is really getting good a this mouse and cat game. Let him win! He likes it so much!

Yesterday a weird smell descended on New York City, a miasma of natural gas odor. Today you might sense a low hum emanating from all over the Earth, localized in households whose inhabitants spend unhealthy portions of their paychecks on consumer electronics. Geeks the world over are vibrating in anticipation of Steve Jobs' keynote at MacWorld starting in, oh, 5 minutes. Since I too am slightly vibrating and won't be able to get anything done for the two-hour duration of his talk, I'll be following along here, sipping from MacRumors' live coverage. (Gizmodo, Engadget, and Twitter have coverage too.)

As an appetizer, here's a few of the less hysterical predictions for what Our Fearless Leader is going to provide us with today:

- MacWorld Expo 2007 Predictions from John Gruber at Daring Fireball.
- Jason Fried's Apple phone predicitons (I especially liked this one).
- Macalope's predicitons.
- Some thoughts from Steven Frank.
- Regarding MacWorld 2007 by Dan Benjamin.

Ok, here we go....

- BREAKING NEWS: Attendees still taking their seats!
- Started. Gizmodo is stumbling badly. Zero updates.
- Sales updates. Apple now sells more music than Amazon.
- The Zune has 2% market share, the iPod has 62%. What brown can do for you, apparently.
- Apple TV in September. Not an actual TV, but a device that hooks to a TV. Here's some specs: 802.11b/g/n, 40GB HD, 720p HD, component rca, usb2, ethernet, HDMI. Retails for $299. Shipping in Feb.

- New product: internet communicator, mobile phone, and widescreen ipod all in one. Steve is very excited about this one. Called the iPhone. No buttons. Multi-touch screen. (WHOA!) Runs OS X. Jobs: "Software on mobile phones is like baby-software." It does all the stuff that OS X does. Calendar, mail, movies, music, podcasts, etc. Turns off the display and sound when you bring it to your ear to talk. It's got an accelerometer (motion sensor) and a proximity sensor. 2 megapixel camera. Screen resolution is 160 ppi. Here's what it looks like (photos from Engadget):

1 2 3 4 5


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